Bend don’t Break. Hopefully this finds you on the best end of 2020 that you can be in. It has definitely added a new part to our daily lives. Covid, derecho, election year and still 2 months to go. Hopefully 2 uneventful months to finish out strong. The 2020 NUCA Iowa shooting event is in the books and all who attended enjoyed it very much – Immediate discussions in how to open it up to more people next year have already begun. As with any event, it cant be a success without the help and sponsors involved. I Want to personally thank all who sponsored a station and also to the main Event Sponsors, Road Machinery, Martin Equipment, Contractor solutions and Star Equipment. Your help with the event and your continued support of NUCA of Iowa is the backbone to what keeps our chapter moving forward.

In this issue

  • Shooting Competition
  • Corell Scholarship
  • From My Desk
  • NUCA IOWA Calendar
  • Gun Raffle Results
  • Shooting Competition

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