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Promoting Your Business is a key aspect of growth. Your NUCA membership gives you ample opportunity. No matter what type of company you are, we can help you get your word out. Whether you are looking local or national.

  • NUCA Iowa Event Sponsorship – There are many opportunities to promote your brand through event sponsorship. At the Golf Outing, every golf will be using golf balls with your logo. At the shooting event, as a sponsor, you can request to be paired with the team of your choice. Sponsorships help us offer amazing events to our members, Sponsorship spotlight your support of those events.
  • There are many opportunities to be a sponsor…
  • You can donate items, products or services to be auctioned or used as door prizes. When you donation is used as a door prize, you will be notified who received that door prize and their contact details. As an auction item, your donation will raise funds for NUCA Iowa.
  • At the Golf Outing, we have many different options for sponsoring a hole and meeting the golfers.
  • If you really want to go BIG, you can sponsor the event, that means your logo is on our web site, promotional materials and registration forms.
  • A gift item sponsorship keeps promoting your company long after the event. Depended upon the event, your logo can be on the koosie that everyone is using, the glass that they will bring home or the nifty 7 in 1 multi tool that will end up in everyone’s pocket.
  • You can be a sponsor simple by agreeing to host our event at your locations. The Iowa DOT nights always bring a large crowd.

With all the options for sponsorship, which event will you choose

Contractors Round Table ( Door Prizes, Location, Food / Drink)
Annual Banquet ( Corn Hole, Gold, Silent Auction, Door Prize, Cocktail )
Golf Outing ( Golf Ball, Hole-in-One, Eagle, Birdie, Hole, Door Prize)
Shooting Event (Event, Station, Food / Drink , Ferry )
NUCA Iowa DOT Night ( Location , Food / Drink)
Seminars & Training ( Location)
Iowa Cubs ( Grand Slam, Home Run )
TSSD ( Job Sites )

NUCA of Iowa

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NUCA of Iowa

Billing Address
10550 New York Avenue
Suite 200
Des Moines, IA 50322

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Tel:  515-802-1369

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