Loss, Risk & Insurance Management

CNA Risk Management – Since 1988, CNA has partnered with NUCA to provide a business insurance program that offers comprehensive risk control (safety) services, expert claim handling and property/liability insurance coverage designed specifically for underground utility contractors. members login for more info

Insurance Bulletins – CNA and the NUCA Safety and Risk Management Committee are now proud to provide NUCA members with Insurance Bulletins that will enhance their understanding of the insurance and risk management issues associated with their businesses:

  • Glossary of Insurance Terms
  • Risk Transfer Techniques
  • Selecting Safer Subcontractors
  • Save Time and Money by Being Prepared for Premium Audit
  • Completed Operations Coverage for Contractors
  • Stretching Your Insurance Dollar

CNA Risk Management Manual

  • Chapter One: Differing Site Conditions
  • Chapter Two: Indemnification Agreements
  • Chapter Three: Purchasing Equipment & Material Under the Uniform Commercial Code

NUCA Advantage

Partnering with Compass Risk Management, NUCA offers group insurance products to our members. Be confident that you have the right health benefits solution for your organization and employees

Group Health Insurance – Compass will tailor your company’s health insurance coverage plan to meet your employees’ needs and your cost objectives. Learn how you can save up to 30% on your companies’ health insurance costs

Group Vision Insurance – Routine eye exams are a preventive measure for overall health and wellness. Compass can help you provide vision plans to help employees offset the costs of routine checkups and prescribed vision correction lens.

Group Dental Insurance – Plan options can provide comprehensive coverage for regular exams, cleanings, filings, even orthodontic care or tiered coverage options, such as coverage that includes co-pays.

 Damage Prevention and Claims Avoidance Consulting

The NUCA Damage Prevention and Claims Avoidance Program offers consultation on damage prevention and damage investigation free of charge to NUCA members. Further, NUCA members are provided one free hour of claims evaluation per quarter, or four hours per year. After that, members can receive the evaluation service at the discounted rate. These comprehensive services are offered at this rate to NUCA members only well below the standard consulting rate is $150 per hour

 Trench Safety Stand Down

One week each year, NUCA hold Trench Safety Stand Down. During that time, experienced safety experts will visits your job sites and provide discussions on trench safety as no expense to NUCA contractors.

NUCA of Iowa

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NUCA of Iowa

Billing Address
10550 New York Avenue
Suite 200
Des Moines, IA 50322

Email :  nucaofiowa@nuca.com

Tel:  515-802-1369

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