Jason Clark, Andy Fox and myself recently returned from the Washington Summit. This was my second time attending and like last year, it was an incredible learning and networking opportunity. National puts on a great event.

Day one consisted of speakers, training and discussion of the hot topics in Washington relating to our industry. Day two is the big day on the hill, allowing us to meet with our Representatives and Senators. We are fortunate that almost all of our Iowa Lawmakers make time to meet with us in person – not just staff. Although there seems to be somewhat of “Wait and See what the Trump Administration Offers” attitude, we were still able to voice our concerns and needs in regards to infrastructure (water and wastewater – not just roads and bridges), workforce development and job-killing regulations such as the Silica Rule and Buy American. Day three is the wrap-up day ending with a board meeting. I encourage you all to attend this event in the future.

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