It is already mid-July! How can That be ? Full speed ahead. The art of negotiation is being tested by all. Negotiating schedules, negotiating equipment, manpower and timelines. negotiating work for the remainder of the year. Will it all fit in? It will! It just a matter of how. The work load seems to remain strong for all.
NUCA of Iowa continues to work to be stronger also. Andy and the crew spent some time at the Washington summit. Definitely a bucket list trip for me and I hope to squeeze it in next year.
We again had nice attendance at the NUCA DOT nights and want to put a big thank you out to Martin Equipment Dubuque location and Housby Mack Des Moines. Andy has been working with several people to put plans together for the Iowa Safety Directors forum. And we hope to have a good offering for all that attend.

In this issue

  • DC Summit Recap
  • Safety Director’s Forum
  • From My Desk
  • NUCA IA Calendar
  • TSSD Recap
  • NUCA Advantage


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