Hope everyone enjoyed the holidays!! Thank God they are over.. For a lot of us this is the time for field guys to get some much need-ed rest and for the estimators to start sharpening their pencils. From the sounds of it there is plenty of work out there to grab and plenty of us are showing up to full our bucket list. This time of year every year is gambling time!!! Who is going to be where and who stole the job. In the end we all win some and loose some, We all just need to keep swinging.

Other things going on is that our iron comes home for a bath and some maintenance needs, so employees in the shop are busy with re-pairs. Another thing and most importantly is safety training time. In the past few months we at NUCA been working real hard with Dave Hehr of Contractors solutions to hold this year’s safety events at Prairie Meadows Feb 14th through the 17th. We have all kinds of training lined up, so get signed up soon. This year NUCA banquet looks to be a great one!! We have lots of sponsors and great speaker, I look forward into hearing all about Seal Team 6. After this please check out NUCA National, plenty of great education seminars and fun things to do in Las Vegas. Until the next time, BE SAFE!!!

In This Issue

  • Member Spotlight – Pg. 2
  • Membership Directory – Pg.  2
  • Annual Banquet 2017 – Pg. 3
  • NUCA KC Kickoff  – Pg. 4
  • From My Desk  – Pg 5
  • John Deere Backhoes  – Pg. 6
  • Directory Ad Rate Sheet – Pg. 7
  • Events Calendar – Pg. 8



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