Well everyone the season is winding down. Thanksgiving has passed and Christmas is just around the corner. It’s been a great season this year, with plenty of changes and growth. I’m looking forward to the upcoming year. As the holidays approach and each of you visit your families, take time to reflect how important safety is. It’s the utmost important thing in our organization. This is the time of year where slip fall hazards happen more frequently. So take the time to ensure that everyone takes their time getting around the jobsite, and on and off the equipment. I’m very excited for the new future of NUCA!! We have worked very hard this past year to switch directions in what we are trying to achieve here at NUCA of Iowa. I feel the upcoming executive board and board slate, along with our new ED Andy Fox will take us to the next step in our new beginnings. Everyone have a safe and enjoyable holidays.

In This Issue

  • Member Spotlight – pg. 2
  • Banquet Sponsorships – pg. 2
  • Breaking News – pg.  3
  • Annual Banquet 2017 – pg.  3
  • NUCA IA Safety Training – pg.  4
  • Trenching Fatalities – pg.  5
  • Supplier Spotlight – pg.  6
  • OSHA DART – pg.  6
  • National Convention – pg.  7

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