Utility Locate and Complaint Guide – NUCA Iowa receives many calls and emails from its contractors regarding issues regarding utility locates and damage. It truly is everyone’s problem and a source of constant headaches. To help our contractor membership, NUCA Iowa will be creating a “guide” to help its membership. This guide will help contractor members create their own set of policy and procedures to navigate the many questions, and struggles resulting from Iowa One Call law. As this is planned to be a guide and NOT a bible, it will be intended to help educate the contractor and their employees on everything our association has learned to minimize damage and risk.

The guide has cleared  “outline” stage, and we will be looking for people to help build it out. I have an meeting with IUB & AG, to discuss complaint filing and other aspects of the guide set up for early May

The plan is to have individual people create the write-ups for the individual parts of the guide. Once NUCA Iowa has the complete guide, we can PDF the guide and make it expire each year. Then this NUCA Iowa membership generated guide becomes a benefit of your NUCA Iowa membership. The guide would be updated each year as changes to the utility locate request landscape changes.

We are looking for people to help write the guide to have a complete guide by year end. Please contact me for more details.

Guide to Utility Locates and Documentation  DRAFT

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