Once again, here we are – closing down the season. The cooler temperatures have come in, the Holidays are approaching and completion dates are looming. As we roll in to the fall scramble, it becomes easier to let our guard down when it comes to safety. Please, make sure everyone is looking out for each other and addressing hazards as the conditions change.

Recently, NUCA of Iowa held its second annual “Competition Shooting Event” at Big Springs Shooting Range in Searsboro, IA. The weather turned out perfect for all to enjoy the competition and the opportunity to socialize with our fellow NUCA members. Once again, our wonderful sponsors stepped up to the cause, providing everything from food to transportation. Although the event was capped and sold out, we are already exploring options to allow more numbers and participation for next year. A huge thank you to all who helped make this such a great event!

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  • Shooting Competition
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  • OSHA Cites FL Contractor
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